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John, Florida

Just finished a deal with the Whiskey Broker team, i required a specific bottle for a very special birthday gift. The team provided fast efficient service-very happy with the advice and amount of contacts they had to approach , they are shipping the bottle out to me this week , awesome job by the team

David, Dublin

Many years ago i purchased a cask and needed advice  who to speak to about the best way to sell it and realise my investment, i called Whiskey Broker and Robert advised me on the proper channels to follow with his help. I had been given bad advice many times and needed an honest steer in the right direction. Thanks to all the team for their help- glad to be on the right road now!’

Jean, Carlow

I inherited an unusual rare whiskey and didn’t know what to do with it- i needed some advice on how to find a sale. I spoke to the team at Whiskey Broker and they advised a specialised collector of this particular brand was the way to go. They contacted their client on my behalf and a successful deal was made. So happy i contacted Whiskey Broker – i’ll be recommending!