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Brokerage- what does that mean?.... A Whiskey Broker is an independent, third party that brings buyers and sellers together to facilitate deals on bottles, casks and all whiskey related products. At the Whiskey Hub, brokerage has been part of our solutions offering from the very beginning. Our contacts in the spirits industry plus our many years in business help to bring individuals and companies together for common goals. The very beginning of our company Irish Whiskey Auctions was a brokerage conversation with an auction house in Germany, to re-patriate a bottle of Slieve Na gCloc. The seed was planted that day to go on to create a full whiskey solutions business here in Ireland, now trading worldwide.

We are whiskey consultants at the heart of all of our whiskey based solutions businesses. Our independent stance, our knowledge, expertise and contacts, leave us best positioned to offer advice on your whiskey solution journey. Whether you are bringing spirits to market, placing in auction, utilising our brokerage, launching an e-commerce product , starting a distillery or launching a brand , we are here to help you on your journey. Our trusted network of suppliers and our many years of growing client relationships , through our sister companies , have blessed us with a wealth of connections worldwide-ideal for your perfect match!

Why choose us as your whiskey broker?


When we say we know the whiskey business, you can be sure we know the corporations, companies, distilleries, brands but most of all the people behind each whiskey product we can broker for you.

Individual sellers would not have the same access to worldwide clients that we can reach, not only can we access, we are best positioned to know where the products reside and who to contact to attain them.


Brokerage is an important string to our bow. We can advise you on the current market conditions and provide insight for your product. We can keep our rates competitive as we handle multiple deals simultaneously and facilitate many other whiskey solutions from The Whiskey Hub, guaranteeing you a central location of expertise.

Each brokerage product is inspected in-house and evaluated using our certified experts , increasing time efficiency and ease of product movement. 

What We Do

We Match

the right seller with the perfect buyer.

irish whiskey sellers
irish whiskey buyers
irish whiskey broker

We Scan

The vast whiskey forest

to find you the exact unicorn.

How The Brokerage Process Works

Whiskey Broker Process

Step One

Please fill in the contact form , email us at brokerage@thewhiskeyhub.com or phone us directly at 01 5543620 to arrange a call back from one of our brokers.

Step Two

We will talk through your brokerage needs and evaluate your product, keeping current market trends in mind and giving you a guide price and time approximation.

Step Three

We will work on prospective clients for you, and inform you of progress.

Step Four

When both parties are in agreement we will close the deal for you. When we receive full buyer satisfaction we will begin the transferring of your funds minus our pre-agreed commission and any associated fees.

Success Stories

John, Florida

Just finished a deal with the Whiskey Broker team, i required a specific bottle for a very special birthday gift. The team provided fast efficient service-very happy with the advice and amount of contacts they had to approach , they are shipping the bottle out to me this week , awesome job by the team

John, Florida

David, Dublin

Many years ago i purchased a cask and needed advice  who to speak to about the best way to sell it and realise my investment, i called Whiskey Broker and Robert advised me on the proper channels to follow with his help. I had been given bad advice many times and needed an honest steer in the right direction. Thanks to all the team for their help- glad to be on the right road now!'

David, Dublin

Jean, Carlow

I inherited an unusual rare whiskey and didn't know what to do with it- i needed some advice on how to find a sale. I spoke to the team at Whiskey Broker and they advised a specialised collector of this particular brand was the way to go. They contacted their client on my behalf and a successful deal was made. So happy i contacted Whiskey Broker - i'll be recommending!

Jean, Carlow

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